The recommended activities of responsible tourism offer the opportunity to create positive experiences both for travellers and welcoming locals. Along non-conventional itineraries, with the presence of a cultural mediator every step of the way, our Friends can enjoy the most authentic Morocco. They can observe micro-projects of local development, learn about the origin of some of the most famous agricultural Moroccan excellences. Additionally, they can concretely support the locals and the networks for fair and sustainable trade.

The journey can be organised in different ways, according to the needs and the preferences of the travellers.

Tour > Using various methods to travel, the tourists are guided along original itineraries towards the discovery of Moroccan human and natural beauties. The tours can last between 4 and 20 days and can be organised for groups of 2 to 30 people.

Sharing > A prolonged experience to immerse yourself in the daily routine of rural communities. According to the season, the travellers have the chance to experience a different activity shared with locals.

Walking > From mountains to fields, from the desert to villages, travellers are guided by an expert of the area on trails in unique and fascinating places.

With your school > A cultural exchange between European and Moroccan students that will leave priceless memories in the hearts of students and teachers.

Work camp > A mutual exchange of knowledge between locals and volunteers, who can thus actively support the projects they prefer


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