The network brings together associations and cooperatives of small producers located throughout the national territory. Rural women’s cooperatives, active protagonists in various projects, play a key role.

The main production sectors are food, crafts and cosmetics. Among the many products are argan oil, table olives and olive oil, couscous, henna, saffron, spices, aromatic plants, handicrafts and many others.

All products are the result of the collective commitment of the community and have been created with respect for the environment, workers and regulations.

The marketing of products is promoted and favored through various activities and initiatives, in virtuous circuits, such as fair trade shops, small shops of the other economy and solidarity purchasing groups, both in Morocco and in other countries, and lately we have also activated online sales.

In the catalog “Morocco Nature Culture” you will find the descriptions of the producing cooperatives.

You can buy the products with your “Solidarity Purchasing Group” in Morocco: contact us at for more information.
If you don’t have a “Solidarity Purchasing Group” is possible to buy the products through our website at this link to receive them directly at your home (only with a Moroccan address), or go to our storage center in Casablanca (Old Medina, make an appointment at tel +212 (0) 676527951).
For Moroccan “Solidarity Purchasing Groups” we have reduced prices (write to us for more information).


In Morocco, in the localities of Ouarzazate (Tajda village) and Merzouga (Khamlia village) two showcases of network products are active, thanks to the project “Double Présence: migrant à l’honneur grâce au tourisme responsable” started in September 2018 and completed to June 2019 with funding from the International Organization for Migration, which was awarded by the Moroccan dispora through the Sopra i ponti association of Bologna (Italy)

The “Showcases of Excellence” were designed with the aim of allowing either travelers or small producers on the circuits to access and offer the excellences of the different territories, especially in the event that their own loop does not provide for passage through a specific place of Morocco.

So you can find all the products of the network at:

Ecolodge La palmeraie

Tajda Village
Rural municipality of Tarmigte




Khamlia Association
Khamlia Village
Commune Merzouga


In Casablanca, in the old medina, together with the Mediterranean Network for Development and Social Economy and with the Sopra i ponti Association, thanks to funding from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, Social and Solidarity Economy , we have the center of storage of the products of the associations and cooperatives of the Network, in order to facilitate the collection and the dispatch of the products of excellence to the consumers either Italian or Moroccan or resident in Morocco. To visit the center, contact us by phone at +212 (0) 676527951.